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Because of the health situation, are you experiencing supply difficulties in China or are you just afraid to source there? We are your best choice.

Whether it is to supply you with stocks or to respond to calls for tender (to provide technical specifications of items, products or equipment for the assembly of files and the supply itself), LTS thanks to its panel of suppliers in China and elsewhere (Europe and America) helps you acquire the information and products you need at the best prices.
We offer quality services throughout the supply chain to effectively meet customer expectations

Benefits you can enjoy

Cost reduction: With support in the largest sourcing destination, LTS makes the most of this favorable location, efficiently locates suppliers and shortens the supply chain. And for this reason, LTS allows you to reduce costs, enjoy professional procurement services at the best prices and gain great benefits from China.

More resources: LTS is proficient in managing suppliers from China and abroad, and has abundant resources of high quality procurement.

Lower risk: LTS helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experience and ensures procurement from reliable suppliers.

Flexible and customized: LTS through its innovative and flexible capacity, offers customized procurement services (sample purchasing, quality control, MOQ requests, goods storage, customs clearance assistance, etc.)

Zero hassle: No more dealing with multiple suppliers, no more time wasting due to time differences and no more obstacles due to cultural and language barriers. With LTS we can reduce communication misunderstandings, track orders with greater efficiency and relieve you of all worries.